Our idea for Park Pong sparked while we were on a family vacation in Florida. Each morning, we watched the resort staff set up ping pong tables and cornhole sets for their guests. And throughout the day, we saw how much fun families had with them, while forming lifelong memories. 

Every evening, we’d see the staff take down all the tables and cornhole sets and store them away so they wouldn’t be affected by the outdoor elements. That’s when we knew there could be a solution to help reduce the amount of time staff had to spend setting up and tearing down without taking away any fun from the guests. 

With 30 years of concrete experience and an established company back home in Wisconsin, we decided to manufacture our first concrete ping pong table in 2011. The rest is history. 

Today, you can see Park Pong tables and cornhole sets throughout the United States. 

Our Values

We’re committed to customer satisfaction, ensuring product quality, and being the industry leader of new, innovative outdoor recreational products.

Our Products

Our ping pong tables and cornhole sets are made from reinforced concrete and steel. The concrete playing surface is made using an integral coloring technique, meaning the color is mixed throughout the concrete. 

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Our Customers

In addition to individual consumers, we bring outdoor recreational fun to a variety of businesses and organizations, including:

  • Resorts and hotels
  • Homeowner associations
  • Community living centers 
  • Campgrounds
  • Parks
  • Schools